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Aidin Turganbekov (Kyrgyzstan/ Colorado)
Placement Organization: World Link

Twitter: @KaragulovAidin
Instagram: @aidin.turganbekov

Aidin is involved in several clubs and sports at his host community, including qualifying for the DECA state conference in Colorado, and performing with an all-city men’s choir! Aidin shares that one of his greatest accomplishments this year was winning the grand prize for World Link’s International Education Week competition and completing 146 volunteer hours. During CEW, Aidin is excited to learn more information about the U.S. government. Aidin hopes to have a successful exchange year, and qualify within the top 10% of World Link students to win a trip New York City.

Ayten Rustamova (Georgia/ Michigan)
Placement Organization: ASSE

Twitter: @aitan90935459
Instagram:  @i.10_aytheen

In her host community, Ayten has enjoyed playing on her school’s volleyball team and recently joined the quiz bowl team. Ayten shares that one of her biggest accomplishments is being selected for CEW, and is thrilled to be a Social Media Specialist during the workshop! During CEW, Ayten hopes to learn more about the United States government and improve her leadership skills. In the future, Ayten would like to continue her exchange experience by learning about different countries and cultures and become a diplomat.

Behruz Garibov (Tajikistan/ Iowa)
Placement Organization: World Link

Twitter:  @garibov50
Instagram: @behruzgharibov

Behruz is an active member of his host community, participating in a variety of activities at his host school including, basketball, FCCLA, the International Club, the Academic Team, speech, theatre, and tennis! Behruz shares that his biggest accomplishment thus far is being selected as the Student of The Month for November among World Link students. During CEW, Behruz hopes to learn new ways to address problems in his country. 

Irina Madan (Moldova/ Iowa)
Placement Organization: World Link

Twitter: @irinapelisina
Instagram:  @irinapelisina

Irina is an active volunteer is her host community and involved in several extra-curricular activities and clubs in her school. Her favorite activity thus far has been teaching Romanian language lessons to students with special needs. She shares, “We do 2 or 3 lessons per week and the results are just amazing. I do believe that I learn from them as much as they do from me and this connection is very valuable.” During CEW, Irina hopes to make friends and connect with people that will help her future career path. Irina shares her goal in life is to, “To do good things wherever I go and make people happy.”

Raluca Dobre (Romania/ Connecticut)
Placement Organization: CIEE

Twitter:  @raluca_d55
Instagram:  @raluc

In her host school, Raluca is a member of the business club DECA, as well as the backstage theatre crew, and the beginners' basketball team. During the weekends, Raluca enjoys volunteering at a local soup kitchen, where she serves food for the homeless. Raluca’s biggest accomplishment this year is scoring well on the SAT exam, as well as earning high honors for the first semester at her host school. During CEW, Raluca would like to meet new people and develop friendships that will last, as well as learning more about the U.S. Government, and how to continue being a great ambassador for her country, Romania. In the future, Raluca hopes to study international relations in college. 

Tsenguunbileg Naranpurev (Mongolia/ Indiana)
Placement Organization: AYA

Twitter:  @TsenguneNa
Instagram:  @tsengunen

An active member of her host school, Tsenguunbileg enjoys being on her host school’s color guard team, which has allowed to her see more of her host state and make great friends. Tsenguunbileg also participates in the student newspaper, Spanish club, and Drama club. During CEW, Tsenguunbileg hopes to improve her leadership skills and better understand the value of being an exchange student. She shares, “I think CEW and the FLEX program is such a big help for me to open my eyes to the world and change my perspective. Attending CEW will encourage me to become an important person in my community and give me more ideas for my future.” Tsenguunbileg hopes to become an international lawyer in order to help people while traveling the world. 

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